2017 NCEE Online Assessment Test Portal (for all NCEE Subjects)

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Hello and welcome to the NCEE Online Assessment Tests Portal for pupils preparing for the 2018 National Common Entrance Examination (Scroll Down to Select NCEE Subjects for Assessment Test)

Pupils preparing for the 2018 NCEE can attempt all the NCEE subjects on this portal, submit online, see their scores immeduately alongside their performance in each of the question attempted and step-by-step solutions which will be displayed on the screen immediately the submit button is clicked. Parent may assist pupil to navigate the questions. (Scroll Down to Select NCEE Subjects for Assessment Test)

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To register for the 2018 NCEE Assessment Tests, visit NCEE Online Assessment Tests Registration Page – Click Here. Your login details, i.e. username and password will be e-mailed to your e-mail address inbox. Scroll Down to Select NCEE Subjects for Assessment Test

Pupils will attempt randomly generated questions in the following NCEE subjects (Click on the listed NCEE subjects below to start)

NCEE – English Language – Set 1
NCEE – English Language – Set 2

NCEE – Social Studies
NCEE – Verbal Aptitude
NCEE – Mathematics
NCEE – General Science

NCEE – Quantitative Aptitude
NCEE – Vocational Aptitude
NCEE – Civic Education

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